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Concise and Clear info not typically reviewed.

Very well done! Learned a lot. IRRMA segment was very beneficial.

Enjoyable, Interactive, Interesting, Fun, Educational.

One of the best trainings I have ever attended.

Great information and great presentation.

Awesome course would highly recommend.

Absolutely incredible! I wish I had been taught this kind of stuff earlier in my career but better late than never, Harley Gordon is one of a kind! Spectacular!

Mr. Gordon was inspiring, educational and enjoyable. Great material and presentation.

Excellent Course and Harley is excellent at making the conversation on LTC very useable with clients.

Harley is the best.

Harley’s language was very Helpful.

The Benefits

of Certification

Our intent is to provide insurance distributors with useful as well as proprietary information that can be used as intellectual capital with your professionals.


Distributors that focus on Medicare Supplements and are interested in expanding their intellectual offering to include information on:

  1. IRMAA through a proprietary software program
  2. Medicare and how it interacts with Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration
  3. Transitioning from a sale of a Medicare Supplement to the impact of a long-term care event, increasing the opportunity for Long-Term Care Insurance

Distributors that do not concentrate on the Medicare market but have the opportunity to increase life, annuity, and LTCi business by providing critical information for the first time on:

  1. How Medicare interacts with Medicaid and The Veterans Administration
  2. IRMAA’ impact on high income Social Security retirees and how to properly manage the consequences by use of a proprietary software program


  1. Those who specialize in Medicare Supplements looking to develop a sustainable referral network of Centers of Influence
  2. Producers who specialize in life, annuity and LTCi who are interested in generating additional revenue through a comprehensive understanding of Medicare (IRMAA), and Medicaid (Long-Term Care Insurance)