Course Outline

Course Outline

The MMC Curriculum


  • History
  • Original Medicare (Parts A and B)
  • IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjusted Amount) presented by IRMAACP© with case studies that help the student recommend the correct strategy to reduce or eliminate this surtax on Parts B and D
  • Part C
    • Drug Plans under Part C
  • Part D


  • Difference between Medicare and Medicaid
  • Custodial v. Medical coverage; Definition
  • Home and Community Based Waivers; Paying for custodial care
  • Financial criteria for eligibility
  • The use of trusts to protect assets

The Veterans Administration

  • Basic coverage for older veterans / retired military
  • Other services including, pensions, housebound benefits under Aid & Attendance, and benefits for nursing homes, burials, and spousal benefits

Coordinating Health Care Plans

How do…

  • Medicare and Medicaid interact
  • Medicare and the VA interact
  • Medicaid and the VA interact

Case Studies

Role playing that’s used by students to retain the information taught.

Conversations include…

  • Centers of Influence regarding creating reciprocal referrals

Conversations regarding extended care…

  • Traditional families
  • Same sex families
  • Second marriages
  • Single or divorced with children
  • Clients concerned with well being of aging parents

The Benefits

of Certification


Distributors that focus on Medicare Supplements

  1. MMC offers an expanded explanation of IRMAA using a proprietary program
  2. How Medicare interacts with the VA and Medicaid
  3. Ideas on how to develop recurring referrals from Centers Of Influence
  4. Ideas on how to expand revenue opportunities by discussing the consequences of an extended care event on clients

Distributors That Concentrate On
Traditional Insurance and Annuity Products

  1. A comprehensive understanding of Medicare
  2. How Medicare, the VA and Medicaid interact
  3. Propriety proven ways to generate additional revenue With existing clients regarding the consequences of extended care
  4. Understanding IRMAA and using it for introductions with a client Centers of Influence

Producers & Advisors:

  1. Those specializing in Medicare Supplements looking to develop a sustainable referral network with Centers of Influence
  2. Those specializing in traditional lines of insurance looking to generate additional income through conversations focusing on the subject of IRMAA ( life and annuities ), and Long-Term Care Financing (LTCi)
  3. Compelling reasons to proactively discuss the subject of extended care during portfolio reviews